Eco Smart Luxury

Tregulland is not only beautiful and comfortable, it is also a groundbreaking, energy-efficient holiday home.


Tregulland Eco Smart

Biomass Boiler

The entire place, including the swimming pool, is heated by a state-of-the-art biomass boiler in one of the outbuildings. It runs on compressed sawdust wood pellets which are a waste product of the timber industry.

Tregulland Eco Smart

Our Own Private Borehole

We are almost off grid here as we use only the purest Cornish spring water drawn up through the rock by our own borehole. The water is checked and filtered before supplying all the water needed at Tregulland, including our chlorine free pool.

Tregulland Eco Smart

Eco Friendly Swimming Pool

The water is cleaned using groundbreaking plant filtration techniques that means we don’t need to use any chlorine.

Tregulland Eco Smart

Solar Panels

Solar water panels provide the hot water in the summer and photovoltaic panels supply the electricity. When we produce too much electricity we supply it back to the national grid.

Tregulland Eco Smart

Energy smart

Little details like induction hobs, LED lighting and super insulation in the walls with a silent heat recovery and ventilation system help to keep energy use down. The entire Granary is lit with the equivalent of less than 100 watts

Tregulland Eco Smart

Reed Bed Filtration

A reed bed sewage system completes the eco-cycle and ensures your luxury holiday need not cost the earth.